Must try tandoori Paratha in Mathura

We all love long drives, don’t we? But if you add some good dhaba food to the long drive, it doubles the fun. I stop at this dhaba for having tandoori parathas with tea and coffee whenever I travel on NH2. Their tandoori parathas are simply out of the world. They serve many different typesContinue reading “Must try tandoori Paratha in Mathura”

Parfum Bleu by the Man Company

The Man Company makes premium grooming products for men. Their extensive range of products includes the following product ranges: Beard products Body products Face products Hair products Shave products Fragrance products I ordered a perfume called “Bleu”. Bleu means Blue in French Language. Just like the colour blue, the fragrance has cool and calming notes.Continue reading “Parfum Bleu by the Man Company”

One of the best Paneer Pakoras places in Jaipur

Hi Everyone In this post I’ll be telling you about my favorite place to have Paneer Pakora. In fact, it’s a popular place and you may recognize the place just by looking at the photo. So what’s so special about these Pakodas? These pakodas are made fresh in front of you after you’ve placed theContinue reading “One of the best Paneer Pakoras places in Jaipur”

Did you know you can make restaurant style Mocktail at home with basic Ingredients?

Hello Everyone Hope you all are healthy and safe. In this blog post I’ll be showing you how to make restaurant style Mocktail at Home with basic Ingredients. You’ll need the Following: 1 bottle Plain Soda 1 pack Orange juice (any brand) 1 pack Pineapple Juice (any brand) 1 lemon Ice Chaat Masala Here’s howContinue reading “Did you know you can make restaurant style Mocktail at home with basic Ingredients?”

Happy Independence day 🇮🇳 2020

I clicked this picture in September 2019 and had saved it in my collection since then. I was waiting for a suitable occasion to post this. What better occasion than the Indian Independence day? And here’s the link to the Instagram post: View this post on Instagram Happy Independence day Everyone 🇮🇳 Let's be responsibleContinue reading “Happy Independence day 🇮🇳 2020”

Reward yourself for staying home with ITC Mughal’s Gourmet Couch

Hello Everyone I hope you all are safe and indoors in these testing times. It’s been a long time since we all went to dine at our favorite places with Family, friends or significant other. We all miss visiting the cafes, icecream parlours, restaurants and fine dining places that we visited in the BC (BeforeContinue reading “Reward yourself for staying home with ITC Mughal’s Gourmet Couch”

Agra’s most loved Tea (Chai)

Whenever you ask anyone in Agra which is their favourite place to have tea, you’ll get the Same answer ” Delhi Gate “. Delhi Gate is a mosque in the Hariparwat Area of Agra. Though I’m not a tea person, but whenever I’m in Hariparwat area, I stop by to have a cup of tea.Continue reading “Agra’s most loved Tea (Chai)”

Redefining healthy Snacking with Tagz Foods

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say potato chips? It would probably be “Unhealthy or fattening”. Regular potato chips are fried and are definitely not an option for someone looking for healthy alternatives. Tagz Foods have launched a new product in the market – A unique type of potato chipsContinue reading “Redefining healthy Snacking with Tagz Foods”

Recommended mocktail series: Orange Piroshka

This was the first time I tried an orange based mocktail, this is also the reason for my obsession with orange based mocktails. The orange Piroshka was a mix of orange juice, lime, mint and soda. The perfect summer cooler. It was served in a Beer mug and was garnished with orange chunks and mintContinue reading “Recommended mocktail series: Orange Piroshka”

This is one of the coolest places to party in Agra

I had gone for a food tasting session with my friends around their official launch. We got to try snacks, mocktails and cocktails. Let’s show you around. Ambience The place is built across 2 levels. The decor looks something straight out of a star wars movie. They also have a Live DJ. By looking atContinue reading “This is one of the coolest places to party in Agra”

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