By the Bay

Story behind the picture: We were standing in the queue to board the ferry to Liberty Island, so that we could visit the Statue of Liberty. While waiting, we started admiring the Hudson River and the Ney York City Skyline. The Yacht was passing by, and it’s slick and elegant design caught my eye. AndContinue reading “By the Bay”

The Royal Cenotaphs of Bikaner

The Royal Cenotaph is the cremation place of the Royal Family of Bikaner. Each structure is dedicated to one member of the Royal Family. There is a board next to each structure that gives you information about the person. The beautiful structure has intricately carved marble pillars which display legends of Lord Krishna. The oldestContinue reading “The Royal Cenotaphs of Bikaner”

Humayu’s Tomb, a photography hotspot in Delhi

Humayu’s Tomb was completed in 1572. Humayu was the second Mughal Emperor. The tomb is located in Nizamuddin in New Delhi. It is a UN world heritage site. People visit Humayu’s Tomb to see the Mughal architecture. It is surrounded by lush green lawns. At walking distance from the tomb, you’ll find Sundar Nursery, whichContinue reading “Humayu’s Tomb, a photography hotspot in Delhi”

Shikara Ride in Sri Nagar

Shikara is a type of decorated boat. Shikara Ride is one of the main tourist attractions in Sri Nagar. Take a shikara and explore the beautiful Dal Lake. During your ride, you’ll be joined by other shikaras selling beautiful flowers and some are even used for photoshoots. This shot was clicked on my old cellphone.Continue reading “Shikara Ride in Sri Nagar”

Junagadh palace, Bikaner

Junagadh palace was constructed by the Royal Family of Bikaner. “Juna” means old and “gadh” means house. Once the Royal Family moved to their new abode, the old palace became a tourist attraction. Best time to visit: November to March (I had gone in February)

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