Agra’s most loved Tea (Chai)

Whenever you ask anyone in Agra which is their favourite place to have tea, you’ll get the Same answer ” Delhi Gate “. Delhi Gate is a mosque in the Hariparwat Area of Agra. Though I’m not a tea person, but whenever I’m in Hariparwat area, I stop by to have a cup of tea. Such is the taste of the tea. The tea is sold in a small shop . The nearest landmark is BPCL pump – BP Taj.

The shop also sells “Bun muska” which is prepared by toasting and adding butter to the buns. The rates are reasonable, Rupees 10 for a cup of tea and rupees 25 for a bun muska.

Do you know of any famous tea shop in your area? If yes, share with us in the comments.

Delhi Gate Tea with toasted butter buns


shop no 6 mahavir market agra mathura road delhi gate civil line agra

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