Must try tandoori Paratha in Mathura

We all love long drives, don’t we? But if you add some good dhaba food to the long drive, it doubles the fun. I stop at this dhaba for having tandoori parathas with tea and coffee whenever I travel on NH2. Their tandoori parathas are simply out of the world. They serve many different typesContinue reading “Must try tandoori Paratha in Mathura”

By the Bay

Story behind the picture: We were standing in the queue to board the ferry to Liberty Island, so that we could visit the Statue of Liberty. While waiting, we started admiring the Hudson River and the Ney York City Skyline. The Yacht was passing by, and it’s slick and elegant design caught my eye. AndContinue reading “By the Bay”

Immerse yourself in the Mughal Era at Taj Mahotsav

The Taj Mahotsav is a 10 day long festival held at Shilpgram in Agra. It invokes the memories of The Mughal Dynasty which ruled Agra and celebrates it’s culture. Artisans and performers from all over India display their talent in the form of Handicrafts and Performances. Some famous handicrafts that are sold during the festContinue reading “Immerse yourself in the Mughal Era at Taj Mahotsav”

Golden Temple (Harmandar Sahab): the crown Jewel of Amritsar

The Golden Temple is a Pilgrimage site visited by people all over the world. In Punjabi, we refer to it as “Harmandar Sahab”, which means “Abode of God”. It was built during the time of Guru Ramdas and Guru Arjan Das in 1589. Along with being a Pilgrimage site, it is also a hotspot forContinue reading “Golden Temple (Harmandar Sahab): the crown Jewel of Amritsar”

Must have in Amritsar Series: Number 3, The famous Amritsari Kulcha

Kulcha is the signature dish of Amritsar. You will find in thenu of many restaurants across India. It is basically a flattened pancake made of flour and roasted in the oven. It is stuffed with potato, cottage cheese, spices, onions and chillies. In Amritsar, it is typically served with Chhole (chickpeas), Curd (yogurt) and chutneyContinue reading “Must have in Amritsar Series: Number 3, The famous Amritsari Kulcha”

Stay at Hotel Galaxy Mathura

I stayed at Hotel Galaxy during one of my trips to Mathura. It was a pleasant experience. The room, food and service were good. Let’s show you the room and the food. The Room The rooms are comfortable and have basic amenities. The bathrooms are neat and clean. The food For dinner you can eitherContinue reading “Stay at Hotel Galaxy Mathura”

Must have in Amritsar Series: Number 2, Grilled Chicken skewers in the streets of Amritar

After the Golden Temple and Jallian Wallah Bagh, Street food is the most important thing to experience in Amritsar. In the bazaars of Amritsar, you can find grilled non veg, Kulchas, parathas and Kulfis. We had grilled chicken skewers in Amritsar streets from a street vendor’s cart. The rates are nominal, only rupees 100 perContinue reading “Must have in Amritsar Series: Number 2, Grilled Chicken skewers in the streets of Amritar”

Stay at Hotel Sarovar Portico Shri Nagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Sarovar Portico Shri Nagar has a rustic appeal to it. It looks somewhat like a hunting lodge. It is located next to UN headquarter. Now let’s show you the property. The room The rooms are comfortable, spacious and have facilities like Heater, mini fridge, TV. Some rooms also offer views of the nearby hills. DiningContinue reading “Stay at Hotel Sarovar Portico Shri Nagar, Jammu and Kashmir”

Stay at Hotel Ramada Jammu

Ramada Jammu is located in the heart of Jammu, in the city centre complex. The property has a charm to it. The check-in process was smooth. The room Let’s show you the room. The room is cozy and has all the required amenities. Dining options Things I liked • The location is great, the hotelContinue reading “Stay at Hotel Ramada Jammu”

The hidden gem of Nahargarh Fort

Hi everyone This post is about my visit to Nahargarh Fort. It offers some breathtaking views of Jaipur city and also has a Sunset point (which is a hidden gem). Once you reach Nahargarh Fort, you have to buy an entry ticket. It costs RS 100. This gives you access to the different levels ofContinue reading “The hidden gem of Nahargarh Fort”

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