Parfum Bleu by the Man Company

The Man Company makes premium grooming products for men. Their extensive range of products includes the following product ranges: Beard products Body products Face products Hair products Shave products Fragrance products I ordered a perfume called “Bleu”. Bleu means Blue in French Language. Just like the colour blue, the fragrance has cool and calming notes.Continue reading “Parfum Bleu by the Man Company”

Redefining healthy Snacking with Tagz Foods

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say potato chips? It would probably be “Unhealthy or fattening”. Regular potato chips are fried and are definitely not an option for someone looking for healthy alternatives. Tagz Foods have launched a new product in the market – A unique type of potato chipsContinue reading “Redefining healthy Snacking with Tagz Foods”

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